Pinot's Palette | Parent's Night Out

This past Saturday the hubs and I went out for a fun painting date night with some friends at Pinot's Palette at Boca Park in Summerlin.  I received 4 complimentary classes to check out Pinot's Palette in exchange for writing about my experience but, all opinions are my own.  Pinot's Palette is a franchise paint and sip studio with locations all over the country.  There are 2 locations in Las Vegas, with a 3rd location opening at Town Square on April 7, 2017 (more on that later).  All 3 Las Vegas locations are owned by local husband and wife team Reed and Judy Alewel.  I love being able to support local businesses here in Las Vegas!

Jason is a much better painter than I am, so I was a bit nervous that our "fun" date night would end up in frustration on my part.  But, thankfully, it was nothing but fun! The studio at Boca Park is pretty spacious.  As soon as we walked in we were shown to our table, which was already set up for us with everything we'd need.  Since it was our first time there, we were given a quick run down as to where everything was, the aprons, bathrooms, purse cubbies, and most importantly the bar ;) 


One thing I really liked about Pinot's Palatte is that we were allowed to bring in our snacks, so we took some cheese, fruit, and crackers to enjoy while painting and sipping wine.  We purchased a bottle of wine at the bar to share and then it was time to get started!


Our instructor had great energy and kept the atmosphere relaxed and casual.  He gave us clear, step-by-step instructions throughout the 2 hours we were painting.  He pointed out which brushes to use, how much paint to use when blending, and tips on how to get the look we were going for.  There was also an assistant walking around the room answering questions and giving us more paints if needed, etc.  She was awesome and came by to help us with our paintings when we kinda messed up what we were doing (oopsy!)  They were both super supportive and encouraging as they came around and looked at our pictures.  The painting instructor even took the time to help out my friend when she thought she'd really messed up her painting. He explained and demonstrated how to fix it and then let her do the rest.  I also liked that there was music playing while we painted, which kept the atmosphere lively.

Half way through the class we had a 10 minute intermission to let the paint dry before moving on to the next section.  It was a good time to take a break and stretch!  The instructor took the time to share some news about upcoming classes, their facebook contest, and to give info on booking a party there too.  I think this would be a great idea for a bridal or baby shower! They also host kid parties, which I would love to do for the kiddos! How fun would that be? And the best part is there's no clean up for parents afterwards! 

Like I said, it took about 2 hours or so to complete our paintings.  The whole class then took their works of art to the stage for a group photo.  They also took photos while we painted to post on their facebook page!  We had such a great time during the class.  We laughed, chatted, and got to take home our finished masterpieces.  It was definitely a nice change from netflix and wine on the couch :) 

To celebrate the opening of their 3rd location at Town Square, Pinot’s Palette is hosting a Grand Opening celebration on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8. The upscale wine and painting experience is partnering with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a weekend of giving back to the community while patrons fulfill the Pinot’s Palette motto of “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.” Supporters can sign up for either of the two-hour 7 p.m. classes on Friday or Saturday for $39, with 100 percent of the painting proceeds to be donated to St. Jude. Guests interested in signing up for Friday’s class can register online and Saturday’s class registration is available at

I would definitely recommend checking out their classes and what better way to have a fun night out and do good than by going to their Grand Opening Celebration.  Have you ever gone to a paint and sip studio? What are your thoughts on the experience? 

Rock N Blog Team 2017

I am so excited to be a part of the Rock 'n, Blog Team for 2017! Rock 'n' Blog is a community of like-minded folks who love to run and have fun and earn some awesome bling along the way.  This is my first year being an ambassador for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series and I'm really looking forward to running as many races as I can with them! In 2013 I ran my first half marathon, the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas and I've been hooked on running ever since.  So, yea the Rock 'n' Roll has a special place in my heart.  

They put on a great event! If you're looking to run your first half marathon, I definitely think it's a great race for beginners.  The energy from the crowds, your fellow runners, and the music really keep you pumped up throughout the race.  The series also offers the full marathon distance and depending on the city, they also offer relays, 10Ks, 5Ks, and kid races.  There is definitely something for everyone! 

Here's what I have planned for the Rock 'n' Roll series this year:

  1. Rock N Roll Series 5K | San Diego, CA...06.03.17

  2. Rock N Roll Half Marathon | San Diego, CA...06.04.17

  3. Rock N Roll Half Marathon | Seattle, WA...06.18.17

  4. Rock N Roll 5K  | Las Vegas, NV...11.11.17

  5. Rock N Roll Half Marathon  | Las Vegas, NV...11.12.17

Who's ready to join me? How about a discount code to help convince you? Use code RNB15 to get $15 off your half or full marathon registration!   

Our Trip to Peru: Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Lima Days 5-7

Waking up the next morning after getting to cross off one of your major bucket list items sure does feel good. However, waking up after walking for miles up and down uneven stone steps made by the Incas hundreds of years ago sure does hurt too! Jason and I were so ridiculously sore the next day we were pretty much waddling instead of walking.  Not only were we sore, we were so sun burnt! Our bodies were tired and weary but we still had one more thing to see before we left the Sacred Valley and that was the Archaeological Park in Ollantaytambo, the town we were staying in.

I will be completely honest here and say that we didn't spend as much time here as we originally anticipated.  We were seriously beat so we cut it short and found ourselves a colectivo and got our ride back to Cusco.  We got dropped off at a plaza not too far from our hotel, but we were so tired, we got ourselves lost - seriously going up and down the same street the hotel was on! We needed naps.  After we settled into our room and rested a bit, we had to go back out for our last night in Cusco and grab a few souvenirs for family and say goodbye to this amazing city.  

Next morning we were refreshed and ready to fly out to Lima and spend the day exploring Peru's capital city.  Avianca Airlines, however, thought we might enjoy spending most of our day at the airport instead! Our domestic flight was delayed and we didn't leave Cusco for about 4 hours later.  Nobody was happy about the situation, but I was just glad we didn't have to catch our flight home that day.  

Once we finally made it to Lima, we got an Uber and made our way to our hotel in the Mira Flores district.  At this point, it was mid afternoon and we didn't have much time for sight seeing.  We ended up checking in to our hotel and simply grabbing some appetizers and drinks at a restaurant in the nearby Larcomar Shopping Center.  The shopping center was right on a cliff overlooking the water and had tons of American stores, like Gap, Victorias Secret, and restaurants like Chilis.  It felt like we were at an outdoor mall in Miami! We walked around there a bit after we ate and then walked some more around town.  We ate at a Chinese restaurant, which is popular in Peru and called Chifa, fusing both Peruvian and Chinese ingredients and traditions.  

We arranged an Uber to take us to the airport the next morning and off we were to make our way back home.  At this point, we were pretty exhausted from all the traveling and ready to sleep in our beds and enjoy the first world comforts we take for granted, such as clean water and toilet paper! 

Thanks for sticking around and ready all about our adventures in Peru!  In the coming months I plan on sharing a few useful tips on planning your own Peruvian trip, like the best time to see Machu Picchu, transportation, and must-haves. Let me know if there's something specific you'd like me to share and I'll be sure to do so! 

 The best greeting from our little one when we got home! 

The best greeting from our little one when we got home!