Tough Mudder Las Vegas 2014 | Tough Cookies 2.0


Yesterday I did it.  I signed my husband and I up for our second Tough Mudder event.  I'll be honest, the thought of going through that electic eel makes me want to throw up.  Yup, that's me getting shocked by 10,000 volts of electricity   ----------------------->>>>>


 When I signed up last year, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew I was ready to do something completely out of my comfort zone. I didn't know it would change my life.  Because it did.  Tough Mudder changed my life (I'm not even exaggerating)!  Training for the event got me to do workouts I'd never dream I could do.  I'd never heard of a burpee before, let alone attempt to do one!! It got me eating healthier.  I began to care for my body.  It wasn't about trying to get skinny anymore, it was about trying to get strong.  It got my family eating healthier and becoming more active too.  And once I completed Tough Mudder, I was hooked.  Tough Mudder showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to do.  It takes a lot of discipline, determination, and some pain, but it's possible.  Just like Tough Mudder, you can't do it alone.  Ok, maybe some people can, but I 'm not one of them.  Our team was there for each other and we all helped each other out from start to finish.  That's how life is too.  You need your support group to get you over those hurdles!  And I have the best group of friends & family supporting me all the way.  I'm sure I can get annoying sometimes, so thanks for putting up with me peeps!!!


I'm excited to get some of the original Tough Cookies back together for our second Tough Mudder and super excited to get some new recruits (you know who you are!!)   These next 200+ days of Tough Mudder training are going to be amazing and I cannot wait for April 27th!  But first, let me get through my first Rock N Roll half marathon, the Dirty Dash, and Spartan Sprint! See, I told you I was hooked ;)