Week 12 Half Marathon Training | Recap

I'm excited to share more about our trip to Texas with you all tomorrow and I'm also going to be reviewing Island Boost's new chocolate flavor later this week!  Right now though, it's all about the running.  Just 30 more days until my first half marathon.  I'm getting really nervous and excited about it.  I'm planning to give it my all these next 30 days and really focus on training and eating clean.  Here's the recap for last week: 

Monday:  REST (Jason & I took a little 2 day trip to San Antonio, TX for some much needed R&R)

Tuesday:  4.80mile run with the hubs along San Antonio's River Walk!! It was a great run with pretty scenery :) 

Wednesday:  REST (flew back home) 

Thursday: REST (more like unpacking, resting, working, catching up day!) 

Friday: 5m outside mid-afternoon run.   

Saturday: REST  

Sunday: 9.11 miles.  BAM.   

Total Miles: 18.91  


Running along San Antonio's famous River Walk!!  

Running along San Antonio's famous River Walk!!