Preparing for my First Half Marathon | Tips & Tricks

It's 5 days until my first half marathon and I'm getting really excited and a little nervous.  One thing that helps keep me calm, is to have a plan.  I like to plan just about everything! Ask my husband about family vacations, hahaha!  I'm not going to totally freak out if things don't go as planned, but having a plan relaxes me and makes me feel stable.  I'm working on being more spontaneous in my life, I'm not sure I love it...


So of course, I am planning the logistics of race day down to the last detail.  Huge thanks to the folks at Rock N Roll Marathon Series for the awesome event details, complete with PDFs of the course, road closures, etc.  They've been very helpful ;) I've heard that the crowds are huge and traffic gets really bad around the strip due to the road closures, so we want to allow for enough time to get to the strip early, check in to our room, and make our way to the start line with plenty of time.  Our room is close to the finish line, so my parents and the kids will have a warm place to hang out while we run and we won't have too long of a walk afterwards.  We'll also be having our own private "post-party" there! Woohoo!!!! Bring on the champagne!!!  


Another thing that makes this race unique from other races is that it's in the evening, so fueling up for the race would be a little different than regular morning races.  I found these 2 articles that helped me plan for the day, down from what to pack to how to fuel.  If you are running the Rock N Roll Vegas race this Sunday or any other night race, I totally suggest checking them out.  Here are the links: 

I'm also planning to hit the grocery store to stock our room with snacks and drinks for before and after the race.  I've gotta pack my bag with post-race clothes, but I already have my outfit laid out, maybe that was a little too early!  

Big thanks to Brooks for this handy checklist!

Big thanks to Brooks for this handy checklist!

So, for those of you experienced marathon runners, is there anything I'm missing?  Do you have any race day prep tips and tricks you'd like to share with me and other newbies?  I'd love to read all about your experiences in the comments, don't be shy!