Week 15 Half Marathon Training | Recap

And...this is my last Monday training recap.  YIKES!! I cannot believe that Sunday I will be running my first half marathon.  This week, I plan on running two short runs of 4 and 3 miles each and then rest the last 3 days leading to the race.  I'm getting really excited for the day to come.  I am so grateful that my cousin and her husband are coming from Texas to run with me!  She's ran several half and full marathons and is currently training for another full marathon next month.  She's hard core and I love her so much for coming to Vegas to support me.  We'll also be running with another friend of mine, so it'll be a group of 4 of us starting together.  I'm so ready to do this..

Here's last weeks (and last) recap: 

Monday:  REST

Tuesday:  I hr strength training with personal trainer + 1 miles on the treadmill (10:32pace)

Wednesday:  5 miles on the treadmill (10:24 pace) & stretching

Thursday: I hr strength + balance training with personal trainer

Friday: 3 miles on the treadmill (10:40 pace) 

Saturday: REST 

Sunday: 7.25 miles outside (11:50 pace) I wanted to end the week with a bang, but my tummy had other plans for me!  I'm not sure if it was the lunch I ate an hour before my run or the new energy gel I tried, GU Roctane, but my stomach felt tight and I was nauseous the entire time. I wanted to run 8 miles and at a better pace, but clearly that didn't happen.  I'll be sure to eat something more running friendly for lunch on Sunday and stick to an energy gel I know!  

Total Miles: 16.25




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