Tuesday Ramblings & Updates

So, I had this blog post planned for Monday, but alas my blog hosting company had other plans.  It was down and I couldn't blog, as you may have seen on facebook!  Anyhow, I sure hope your Monday was a great start to the week.  Aside from my blog issues, yesterday was good and pretty average, it was a Monday afterall.  

Last week I worked out Mon. - Fri. and it felt great!  It'd been a few weeks since I was able to get all 5 days in.  I'm hoping to get back to my 5 days a week routine this week, as well.  


It'd been awhile since I gave any updates on my office makeover, well, it's more of an office organization/finally getting around to decorating it, than it is a makeover.  Honestly, there hasn't been much to update!  My desk has remained pretty uncluttered, so that's a plus!  I also moved some boxes into the closet and now my office floor is cleared up.  The closet...well, that's another story! But at least it appears neater!  I also decided I'm going to have some DIY canvas prints made with my favorite motivational quotes to decorate these bare walls I have.  I'll definitely post some photos of those when they're up, which will be soon (I hope!) 


Lastly, I'm working on my goals and plans for 2014 and I must say I am getting excited and dreaming big!  I'll be sharing them on the blog soon because accountability is key to getting things done for me!  How about you, are you working on your goals for next year?  How do you stay on track during the year?  I'd love to hear from you :)