Dirty Dash 5K Recap


So, six days after the Rock N Roll Half Marathon I was ready to take on the Dirty Dash 5K with my book club girls!  We had my hubby design a shirt for us and then had them printed at a local print shop. Isn't it a cute shirt?  Here's a little recap of the day and a review of the Dirty Dash event itself.

A few days before the race, the weather in Vegas goes bonkers!  Lots of wind, rain, and cold temps.  We kept hoping it would clear up by Saturday but it just kept getting worse.  So, we all made sure to bundle up with layers, hats, and gloves.  We put our big girl panties and drove out to Boulder City for some fun in the mud!  I made a "girl power" playlist to help pump us up for the race, which was fun, but I think we were all a little freaked out by how cold and rainy it was.  The weather didn't really clear up and we were actually getting some rain mixed with flurries Brrrrrr.....Once it was our time to go and we started running we warmed up a bit and the rain even died down some.  We all made the best of it and had a good time together!  


Since the weather was so bad, Jason decided to stay home with the kids until it was time for the kid's Piglet Plunge.  I had already paid for Diego's registration, but thank goodness we were leaving Elysse's till the last minute and of course, we did not have her participate since the weather was so bad.  So, we only have a few iphone photos of us before and after the race.


As for the race itself, it was definitely not my favorite. I know the bad weather didn't help but, there were lots of things that could have been done better and they had nothing to do with the weather.  It was also a shame they had to deflate the slide at the end and we didn't get to use it.  That would've been fun.  So, let's here goes:


  • Pre-race communication was great.  Emails were informative, albeit a little cheesy, and clear directions were given.
  • We got a nice tshirt, beer koozie, temporay tatoo, and sticker.
  • There were enough port-a-potties and didn't have to wait in line.
  • The part that had mud was great! It was smooth like frosting :)


  • Packet Pickup was unorganized and the volunteers/workers were pretty rude.  I understand they had to change their setup due to the rain, but seriously a smile wouldn't hurt! 
  • Not a lot of obstacles.  We ran for 1 mile with no obstacles, except for a few mud puddles and we aren't really sure if they were part of the race or just due to the rain! The obstacles were in mile 2 and again the last mile was running without obstacles.
  • Beer Chug was actually an obstacle! I would've preferred a free beer at the end. 
  • The 3 main obstacles were one right after the other.  Having them spaced out would've spread out the fun!
  • The course was not clearly marked.  Not sure if the rain & wind washed off their markers, but I had a hard time figuring out where to go.
  • Piglet Plunge was a joke! It was about 3/4 mile and the kids ran through 2 (maybe 3) watery mud pits at the start and end of the run.  That's it!  I think they may have been counting on the slide to be an obstacle, but that was deflated due to the weather.  

It was so cold and rainy, I think the photographers, organizers, and volunteers were just ready to go and not at all enthusiastic.  Motivation and fun were definitely lacking.  I'm sure had the weather been better, that it may not have been so bad.