Let's Get Started....

I do not claim to know it all, because well, I know I don't know it all.  I'm no fitness guru and definitely not the perfect mom, hence the title to this shiny new blog, "I't's a Messy Life".  Yes, my life is messy and I'm pretty sure yours is too. And if it's not, why haven't you shared your secrets with the rest of us? 

I started to make some life changes in February 2012 and you can read more about my story HERE.  It was a rough start, with no direction, no clue what I was doing, and definitely no plan.  I tried every class at the gym, I thought if I worked out I could eat more because I was burning more calories (ha, reality check, that is not the case!).  Slowly but surely I found a routine, I started changing my eating habits, and the weight started to come off.  But the best thing was that I started to FEEL better!  I actually enjoyed working out because it put me in a better mood and gave more energy.  You working moms know how much energy is needed to get through the day, right?!?

There has been no magic pill, no easy way out, just lots of sweat (literally) and determination.  It didn't hurt that I'd signed up for Tough Mudder and was scared to death about....well, dying.  Thankfully, I didn't die.  I got my orange headband and free XX beer and found a new me in the process. 

This new girl takes pictures of her Paleo (and sometimes not Paleo) food on Instagram, checks in every time at the gym, and even poses flexing her biceps.  Who am I? Yup, my old friends don't recognize me and my husband says he has a new wife (I don't think he's complaining, though).

This journey is just beginning.  I am just now starting to see and feel the benefits of healthy eating and exercising.  I'm not perfect.  My life is messy.  There are days I'll eat those nachos, I'll work too much, stress out, and feel like a horrible parent.  That's where this blog comes in.  I'm hoping this will be the place I can share my stories, ideas, challenges, failures, and dreams!  I've got big plans for this little blog and I hope you'll stick around and join me in the ups and downs of life, fitness, Paleo eating, and parenting. 



And because I'm just putting it all out there today, here's a comparison of where I was and where I am now.  Yikes!

And because I'm just putting it all out there today, here's a comparison of where I was and where I am now.  Yikes!