Excuses...we all got 'em

So, last week I was so excited about starting Whole 30 and really stepping up my clean eating and Paleo lifestyle.  Jason even said he'd do it along with me, so that was a major plus.  I planned on doing some meal prep on Monday morning to help make things easier and get Jason some good lunches set up.  And then, I got sick.  And then, my 4 year old got sick.  And then, my 8 year old got sick.  Yup, last week at the Emeric household was kinda nightmarish.  Needless to say, I didn't make it to the gym all week. Did I get started on Whole 30? I tried. But honestly, with all of us sick with the stomach bug at some point last week, it just was not something I could handle.  Meal prep went out the window and Jason wasn't ready to do it on his own, having not done Paleo consistently before.  When I managed to eat something, I did eat healthy Paleo foods most of the week, but then I broke down.  I asked Jason for some "comfort food" aka red wine, carne asada nachos from Roberto's & Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. Talk about being an enabler, Jason! Oh wait, that's another excuse, isn't it?  Wow, my food list seems even worse now, seeing it all typed out! My main excuse? I was exhausted from taking care of sick kiddos and I though the food would make me feel better.  Did it? Not really.  I was still exhausted, stressed,  and now I was feeling guilty for having eaten all that junk.  Did it taste good, though? You bet! 

So, those were my excuses for not keeping my promise of starting Whole 30 and falling hard off the "healthy" bandwagon!  I'm really disappointed in myself for making such a bad choice but I feel really determined now to get back on track.  I know, I know, I said that in my last post, but there's something about today that has me feeling super pumped.  Maybe it's the coffee.  Either way, here's to starting this week off with a bang! xo