Summer Bucket List Challenge 2013 | Road Trip

We have a lot of family on the east coast, including Jason's parents who live in NY, so we'd been wanting to go visit for a good while now.  But, for one reason after another we hadn't been able to go until this summer! So, of course it was the highlight of our Summer Bucket List!  Like I said, there were lots of people to see and so much I wanted the kiddos to experience, so a road trip was just the thing to do.  We narrowed the trip down to 11 days and crammed as much as we could into those days.     

We flew into Philadelphia International Airport and rented a Jeep Patriot for our trek across the east coast.  Even though it was pouring down rain, we managed to tour Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, and of course get a Philly cheesesteak for lunch!  We stayed with my cousin and her family in Dover, DE that night and ate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants there.  The next day was rainy too, but we headed to Rehoboth Beach, DE and let the kids get on just about all the rides at the boardwalk's Funland and have their fist taste of Thrasher's boardwalk fries.  Before the end of the day, the sun came out & we were able to enjoy playing in the sand a bit before heading back to Dover.  


We said good-bye to our family in Delaware and drove to Washington DC, where we met up with my best friend from high school and her family.  We toured DC for 2 days together before they continued their road trip down to Virginia Beach and we headed north to New Jersey.  We took a side trip to Annapolis, MD for a super fun Pirate Adventure tour on the Chesapeake Bay.  This was definitely a major highlight for the kiddos & us too :)


We made it to Jersey City, NJ in time for dinner with the family at a yummy Cuban restaurant.  The next day was spent touring NYC and an awesome dinner with family at Tony D'Napoli's in  Times Square!  The next day we headed to Long Island, NY, where Jason's parents were anxiously awaiting the grandkids!  Another cold rainy day didn't stop us from going to the beach and having a great time!  We had the beach nearly all to ourselves.  The next day, Jason and I headed to NYC for a weekend getaway without the kids, while the grandparents spent an epic day with them at another beach and the aquarium.  


The last days of our trip were spent back with Jason's family in Long Island relaxing, going to the movies, and packing up for our long road trip back to Philadelphia to catch our flight back to home to Vegas.  We made a fun stop before heading to the airport to take a photo with Rocky!  


In review, we drove hundreds of miles, visited 5 states and Washington D.C. spent time with a ton of family and friends, and had an awesome time during it all!  Can't wait to start planning our next family summer adventure.  Well, maybe we won't wait till summer...