Happy Friday | The Challenges of the Weekend

The weekend is almost here and we are looking forward to crossing a few more things off our Summer Bucket List these next 2 days!  I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and doing some fun stuff together.  Do you have any fun plans for your weekend? 

I'm a wedding photographer and lots of weekends are spent away from the kiddos, so we really try to make the weekends we have with them special!  As much as I enjoy having weekends off and spending them with my family, I do worry about how I'm going to eat healthy and stay on track while we're eating most of our meals out of the house.  I'll do really well all week.  I'll workout every day and cook and eat healthy meals. Then the weekend gets here, we'll be at the park or running around at stores and then BAM it's time for dinner.  Your options are limited and you aren't going to go home and cook (it's Saturday, after all).  You decide on a place to eat, vow to find something healthy on the menu, and then the bacon blue cheese burger and fries catches your eye....Is this scenario familiar to you?  Do you give in to the burger or make a sensible choice instead? 

Let's not let the weekend ruin all our hard work this week!  Here are 3 easy steps we can take this weekend when we're met with temptation while eating out!

1.  Tell your family or friends you're out with that you're going to have a healthy meal!  Just saying it out loud to others will help keep you accountable and when you start drooling over those chicken nachos, they can hopefully help steer you away :)

2.  Plan a quick morning workout.  You can find some on my Pinterest workout motivation board.  Anything from 15-30 mins. should do it.  Something simple you can do in your home that will help get your blood flowing & heart rate up.  I find that taking just a small amount of time for myself before starting the weekend helps me stay on track.  It reminds me of what's more important and I feel stronger when faced with temptation during the day.  I'm like, "I worked hard this morning and don't want to ruin it!"

3.  Have fun.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  If you give yourself a cheat day or a cheat meal once a week, then go ahead and use it on the weekend when you plan to eat out.  Enjoy the time with your family and friends.  Don't be so focused on counting calories or not eating carbs that you forget to live in the moment.  Eating healthy and exercising is a way of life, but it shouldn't consume your entire life.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your messy life!