Monday Ramblings | Craigslist, Cleaning Up, and Half Marathon Training

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  On Saturday, Jason and I did a quick No Excuses Workout from Popsugar Fitness.   It's really hard for me to exercise from home, but I managed through it and we finished it together, along with Elysse who joined us for the last 5 mins.  I really did feel great afterwards.  Do you follow Popsugar on tumblr? You should!  It's full of fun quick fitness and healthy eating tips and motivation! Later in the afternoon, we took the kids fishing, which was on our Summer Bucket List! I'll be blogging about our fishing adventure later this week!   

Yesterday was a stay at home and get stuff done sort of day.  It was surprisingly nice.  Jason cleaned the kitchen for me and mopped the house! I know...he's a keeper!  I cleaned out closets and posted lots of stuff on craigslist.  Craigslist has been good to me in the past, let's see how well we do this time around.  Do you guys sell your stuff on craigslist? Does it work for you? We made it out to the garage, even! Talk about feeling like overachievers.  Sadly, it didn't last too long.  We got tired and overwhelmed so we didn't finish up.  That means that now, we can't fit the car in the garage because our stuff is spread out all over the floor! Grrr....can you guess what we'll be doing tonight?

I'm excited to get back to the gym today.  I'm also feeling really nervous about starting my half marathon training in 9 days.  I'll be running a lot more, which means I'll have to wake up early for runs and not hit the gym 5 days a week.  This scares me because I don't consider myself a distance runner.  I love obstacle races and 5Ks but the long 13.1 miles seems so daunting to me.  Granted, Tough Mudder was 10 miles, but there were obstacles along the way and I felt like the stops in between helped with the distance.  I didn't really run much during my Tough Mudder training, so this is completely new to me.  Anyone have tips on how to stay focused during long runs? Or any other tips on half marathon training would be greatly appreciated!