Let the Training Begin | Rock N Roll Half Marathon

You know when a new store is about to open and sometimes they have a "soft opening"?  They open quietly without the bells and whistles and work out any kinks they may have.   Then they have the big Grand Opening a few days later with a bunch of balloons out front and all the hoopla!

Well, that was me last week.  I decided to kick start my half marathon training without any big announcement.  I really just wanted to get an idea of where I was in terms of my running endurance.  The most I had ran nonstop and without obstacles up to that point was about 3 miles.  Last week I ran 2 days and had 2 personal training days and 2 P.I.T. (pure intensity training) Classes.  I ran my usual 3 miles on Tuesday and Friday I ran 5.45 miles on the treadmill in 1 hr.  That was quite the accomplishment for me.  I learned a few things that day.

  1. I don't like the treadmill.  
  2. My feet will go numb from running farther than 4 miles.
  3. Running makes me sore. Very sore. 
  4. I've got a long way to go. 
  5. I will get blisters. 
  6. I can do this. 

So this week, I start training for real!  I've got my playlist ready and the training schedule is on the calendar.  I've also started a running board on Pinterest.  You can check it out HERE!  I will be using a modified version of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training Program.  His is a 12 week program, but I felt I needed more time than that to get ready, so I'm working on a 16 week program.  Most weeks I'll be running 3 - 4 days, with one of those days being a long run.  My first 4 weeks will consist of 2-3 mile runs, with my long run being 4-5 miles.  The milage will be increasing more in Sept. & Oct.  I'll have 2 strength training days and 1 - 2 P.I.T classes a week, as well.  I'll get one rest day a week.  I'm tired just thinking about it! 

Like I've said before, I don't consider myself a runner, so I'm really hoping these next months will change that and I hope will find the runner's high I hear so much about!




I'll definitely be taking this advice! 

I'll definitely be taking this advice!