Summer Bucket List Challenge 2013 | Silly String Fight

When we first started putting our summer bucket list together, my 4 year old Elysse whispered in my ear that she wanted to "get" her brother with silly string on the last day of school!  We kept it a surprise from him, which, if you've ever asked a 4 year old to keep a secret, you know it was tough!  She was so excited when the last day of school finally came and we went to pick him that afternoon.  We waited until we were close to our car and out of the school playground to spray him with the silly string!  The mission was a success! He was totally caught off guard and we got him good!  I think the other kids were jealous their mom's didn't spray them with silly string too, but I can't be sure ;)

After we got home I gave him his own can of silly string and let them have a true silly string fight.  This time, I had my camera and caught some of the action!  It was a great way to get our summer started! What kind of fun stuff are you and your family doing this summer?