Summer Bucket List | Sometimes Things Don't Go as Planned

So, we are getting to the end of summer and that means the end of our Summer Bucket List.  Every summer since Diego started kindergarten we've taken a 3-4 day trip to Southern California around the end of August.  It's become a tradition, so of course going to Calif was on our list.  As I'm planning the trip, I thought we could also mark off a few more items from the list.  We planned to make a few stops on the drive down and look for Geocaches.  We also planned to go to a children's museum and see the sunset on the beach.  But, sometimes things don't go as planned...

We planned to get an early start Friday morning, but that didn't happen.  We left way later and decided to do the geocaching either Saturday or Sunday on the drive back down because we wanted to make it to the museum.  We did make it to the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasedena, CA.  The kids really had a great time playing with all the hands-on exhibits, getting wet in their creek, and climbing the indoor towers.

That night, Elysse's asthma flared up and she began coughing & wheezing a lot.  We managed to get it under control by mid-morning with her inhaler and other medication I took.  But she was definitely not back to normal.  The kids really wanted to go to the beach, especially since we were meeting some friends out there, so by early Saturday afternoon we did make it to Newport Beach. Unfortunately, Elysse was not feeling 100% and she didn't really enjoy herself too much.  Diego tried out his new boogie board but the water was cold, so he hardly played.  Needless to say, we did not make it to watch the sunset on the beach.  As a matter of fact, Elysse's asthma got worse, so we decided to pack it up and head back home that night so she could get on her nebulizer treatments asap.  We'll never be leaving home without that machine again!!  

What is normally a 4 hr drive turned into 6 hours due to major traffic from an earlier road closure.  It was pretty nightmarish.  We made it home around 3am and put her on her nebulizer.  She's much better now after her treatments, which is what matters most.  I am a little sad we didn't get to have the fun trip we planned for, but I guess this means we'll just have to be going back sooner than later ;)