Finding the Balance in Our Lives

Is this even possible?  I ask, because we all seem to struggle with it.  I don't think I've ever met a single person that has said they live a perfectly balanced life.  We are always striving for a perfect balance between our work, family, hobbies, responsibilities, etc. What does having a balanced life really mean, anyhow?  

I've struggled for a long time with this.  Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the freedoms and perks that come with being a mom who works mostly from home.  But, it's very hard to work from home and have "working hours".   When I'm doing laundry, I feel I should be working.  When I'm at the gym, I feel I should be working.  When I'm playing with my children, I feel I should be working.  But then, when I'm working on my computer, I feel guilty that the dishes aren't done or that my daughter is playing alone in her room.  Or better yet, watching way too much Disney Jr.  Also, with social media being such a big part of our lives and in my case, a big part of my work, I feel like I'm always "on".  

There are days, when things feel completely chaotic and out of control mostly because I'm trying to juggle too much at the same time.  On those days, I feel unaccomplished and stressed out.  I find that when I get to this point, I need to step back and prioritize.  I need to figure out what's most important, what's truly urgent and tackle those things first.  This means some things just don't get done or don't get done right away and I have to be ok with this.  

Maybe having a balanced life does not necessarily mean a stress-free life.  Maybe a balanced life isn't so balanced after all.  There are things that will take priority over others, like our family. Or things that will take more of your time.  There are things we just prefer doing over others.  Instead of looking for a perfect balance in our lives, maybe we should just look for some balance.  Maybe balance is more about being flexible and able to change directions.  Balance may not always be about giving everything or everyone equal priorities.  Maybe balance is about letting go of the things that hold us back and weigh us down and keeping what makes us happy and fulfilled.  

What does having a balanced life mean to you?  


I was really struggling to keep my balance during Tough Mudder! 

I was really struggling to keep my balance during Tough Mudder!