Mission: Home Office Organization

Late last month I blogged about my cluttered and unorganized home office.  Did you miss it? No worries, you can read it HERE then come back and see if I've made any progress...It was out of control, right? Well, although my office is not completely uncluttered and organized, I did make some progress.  I was able to get my desk uncluttered which is a huge step towards getting this room on the right track.  I also uncluttered this big table we have at the entrance of the office.  It's actually a drawing desk, but it's just being used as a big catch-all.  Jason and I agreed that it needs to go.  It has no purpose but to take up room and become a place to just drop our stuff on.  There are still some things on there now, but it's much better!  This weekend I hope to get the table out of here and into the garage (that's a whole other issue of clutter and we won't go there now).  I'm also brainstorming and checking  Pinterest and The Container Store for some ideas on organizing our camera equipment.  Some things we need quick & easy access to, while other things not so much.  I'm thinking some sort of cubby system may work best.  That's also on my to-do for the weekend.  Well, there ya have it, about a month later and I'm nearly half way there.  I won't show any pictures just yet, I want to do a big reveal when it's all complete! For now, here's a bit of my inspiration: