Inspiring Women Series | Meet Teresa Cacucciolo


I've known Teresa a long time!  I photographed her wedding in Florida almost 10 years ago and we've kept in touch this whole time.  She's now a mom of 2 adorable little boys and is running a great business in the fitness industry.  With me being in Las Vegas now, we pretty much stay updated via facebook and last year I noticed she was sharing lots of motivational posts on her page and had become a Beach Body Coach.  This girl was getting serious about her goals and I was inspired!  She came to Las Vegas for a Beach Body convention this summer and we got to meet up for dinner and I was even more inspired by her in person!  I just love to hear people talk about something they are so passionate about.  They're on fire and their enthusiasm is contagious!  

Today, I'd like you to meet Teresa for yourselves. I put together a little Q&A interview with her so you too can get some of that contagious energy she has and feel passionate about making some positive changes to your lifestyle and your body!


  • Q. What motivated you to make changes to your lifestyle? 

    A. I have always been into fitness, certain times more then others. So I have always been conscious of it, but life, kids, family, work all got in the way, and I did not realize how much I had let myself go. We decided to make a pretty big move, and moved out by the beach. Beach life is AMAZING, but I quickly found that all my new found friends wanted to do something each weekend that required me to be in a bathing suit...suddenly every weekend I was uncomfortable. I just decided enough was enough. I was turning 30 in one year, and I knew that it was not going to get easier for me to lose weight. So I made a commitment to myself, that no matter what, I was going to be in the best shape of my life before I turned 30. I officially turn 30 in 3 weeks. :)

  • Q. During your transformation journey, what has been the hardest thing(s) to overcome?

    A. Food. Hands down. I hear this as well from most of my challengers. I would work my butt of and see NO progress. The truth is I thought for the most part I had a healthy diet. I did not drink sodas, I stayed away from white foods, (flours sugars) and I did not eat fast food. Diets did not work for me, because all I could think of was the food I could NOT eat, and lets face it, if you go ON a diet you will eventually go OFF a diet. I just could not figure it out! It was and still is sometimes frustrating. But I learned about "eating clean" meaning no processed or boxed food, staying on the outer aisles of the grocery store, and READING LABELS! I quickly found that I was not eating food, I was eating "food like substances" It became a lifestyle that I could stick with. I could eat foods that I loved, just found the "cleanest" possible way to eat it.

  • Q. What do you do now to help motivate and inspire others?

    A. I decided to become a fitness coach with a company that I hold very dear to my heart, Beachbody. I owe everything that I learned, and everything I have achieved to them. I fell in love with their entire program, and philosophy about changing your lifestyle, and be TRULY HEALTHY, not just skinny. If you are truly healthy, losing weight and being thin will be a natural side effect of that. I now do Online or virtual fitness challenges with people who are looking to lose weight, get healthy, build muscle, whatever the goals are, and I LOVE IT! To get to work with people for 1 to 3 months at a time, and see their entire lives change because of what you do, is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have seen these groups build a commeradary, they want each other to succeed, as much as they want to succeed, and it pushes everyone to work harder. 

  • Q. As a wife & mother, finding time to workout is hard. Do you have any tips on making/finding the time? 

    A. It is definitely about making time, not finding it. Nobody has the time, we are all so busy and there are so many things we would rather be doing. BUT we will make time for what we are passionate about. So my advise would be to GET PASSIONATE about your health! Find something you love, find a workout that excites you. Get some friends involved. Become the fit friend, drag everyone else with you to get in shape! That positive energy surrounding you, and that fire you feel after you have worked out for a little while and start to see some serious results is SO addicting!! You've just got to get yourself to that point. If you dread your workout everyday, then its not going to work. You won't do it. There are some workouts that I can not stand. So I don't do them. I have made myself a collection of my favorite workouts, and rotate them. There is always something excited for me to do each day.

  • Q. When you're not busy working out what kind of things do you like to do for fun? 

    A. Vacation. I love taking vacations, and traveling. I feel like I am always waiting for the next one. (and it has been way to long) I love getting to travel, I always have. My husband spent our first 4 years together before we had kids traveling together. But I think it is even more exciting now that we have kids, because you get to experience everything through their eyes. 
    Other then that, in my day to day life, I love to read. I am a big believer in reading for a purpose, that what you read should make you a better person, so I try to read my bible daily, as well as personal development books. I think there is so much negativity put out in the world through tv radio,and social media, that it is my way of combating that, and being able to stay positive and accomplish my goals. 

  • Q. If you could only give people one piece of advice, what would it be? 

    A. This one is easy for me...BE CONSISTENT and DON'T QUIT. You can never truly fail, if you never quit. Just stick with it. No matter how long it takes, or how slow you feel the progress is Don't throw in the towel. That will not do you any good. One, it will be harder to lose weight the next time, because yo-yo dieting is so bad for your body, and two, you will not feel good about yourself. Many times, we feel so bad that we will actually go the opposite way and put the weight on that we lost, and then some! Remember that your body wants to be healthy. So it may take some time for it to cooperate, and undo all the damage that has been done, but it will begin to cooperate.

  • Q. What are some of your favorite/must-have workout products you can't live without?

    A. Hands down, #1 would be my Shakeology. People think I say that I love it because I work for the company, but the truth is I work for company because I love it, whats in it, and the lengths they go through to make sure it is the best thing out there. In fitness, we are taught how important protein, and protein shakes are, and they do absolutely have their place. BUT we forget about EVERYTHING else that our body needs to re fuel, repair, and function at its absolute best. What are we doing to clean our body out of the junk that goes in? To scrub our insides? A truly healthy body is a fit body. I have more energy then I have ever had, and it is a "well rested" kind of energy, not the kind you get from a stimulate and then crash. I feel like I have become more of an athlete, and I can lift stronger and last longer in my workouts. But even more then that I have seen my families health transform. I can get through a day with out crazy food cravings, and I stay full. I would have a much harder time with my nutrition with out it. Other then that a awesome pair of cross trainers is a must!

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