Week 8 Half Marathon Training | Recap

My weekend was pretty uneventful.  We ate out way too much and I made too many bad food choices.  I did go shopping for a few more things to decorate the kitchen.  Every once in a while I get the decorating bug and now I'm finally ready to finish putting the kitchen all together.  I'm even thinking we'll be painting this weekend, woohoo!  

Here's the half marathon training recap for week 8:

Monday: 3 miles outside in the evening.  This was tough! 

Tuesday: Strength Training 1 hr. with personal trainer & 3.8 mile group run with Las Vegas Moms Run this Town group! This was a nice fun run outside on a track.  

Wednesday:  60 minutes of Pure Intensity Training Class

Thursday:  60 minutes of strength training with personal trainer & 1.20 mile on the treadmill. 

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 7 mile outside morning run.  I made myself get up early and I got out there at 6:30am.  The weather was so much cooler than last week's 8am run.  I felt great and my pace was so much better than last week too (10.36 mph as opposed to 11.21 mph)!  I also tried the Hammer Gel in raspberry flavor.  It was ok but super sticky.  So far, the Honey Stingers are still my favorite.  

Sunday: REST 

Total Miles: 15  

Well, it's time to start increasing my miles on my weekly runs in the next few weeks.  I also really need to focus on eating better on weekends. My will power is slim to none lately and I'm not happy with myself about it.  It's time to follow my own advice, hunker down, and make healthy clean eating a priority again.  Here's to a new week and never giving up on your dreams! 



This will be me this week!  

This will be me this week!