Week 6 Half Marathon Training | Recap

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!  I hope you didn't miss me too much.  Sorry for not posting on Food Friday.  I promise to make this Food Friday extra special!  I also usually post my weekly recaps on Mondays, so I'm sorry I didn't get around to that either.  I know you must all be dying to know how many miles I ran last week (insert sarcasm here)!  

We had a good friend in town and we spent most of our days hanging out with him and catching up (read: eating too much bad food and getting September Goals off to a bad start!)  However, even with our friend in town and eating too much, I didn't skip my scheduled runs.  YAY me!! So......

Here's the training recap for week 6:

Monday: Ran 3.50 miles outside with a friend.  It was a nice change from my usual solo treadmill runs!

Tuesday: Strength Training 1 hr. with personal trainer

Wednesday:  3 miles on the treadmill

Thursday:  Strength Training 1 hr. with personal trainer & 1 mile on the treadmill

Friday: 3 mile run outside.  It was brutal in the heat and I forgot to put sunscreen and ended up with quite the tan! 

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 6.25 mile run outside.  The weather was cool and cloudy, it even drizzled on me for about 10 mins.  It was such a great run.  Miles 1-2 were rough, as usual but after mile 3 I was in the zone and feeling amazing! I may have even been smiling...I think I finally felt the "runner's high"!! OH I also tried my first energy gel.  I tried the Honey Stinger energy gel in organic acai pomegranate.  I really liked it, but I have a few more to try out and compare and then I will blog about them ;) 


So, I've been having some strange knee and calf pain on my right leg.  It's been going on off and on for a few months.  Well, 2 weeks ago it felt worse than usual, so I made a doctor's appointment.  I also bought glucosamine supplement on a friend's suggestion, used KT Tape on my knee, and started foam rolling my muscles after every workout and before bed.  My appointment was yesterday and I was actually already feeling better, but went anyhow.  My PCP says she didn't notice anything abnormal around my knee or calf.  She says it's probably from the increase in running recently and recommended I keep doing what I'm doing and take some anti-inflamatory if needed.  Obviously if it worsens or does not get better in the next few months, she'll refer me to an orthopedic/sports medicine doctor.  I'm hoping it does not come to that so, I will keep up with my stretching regimen.  I really think that's helping the most.  Of course, I feared the worse and was freaking out that I would not be able to run anymore so I'm glad the appointment was pretty uneventful.  I guess I am not getting out of running this half marathon, after all ;)