Update: My Fitness Bucket List

Back in July 2013 I shared my fitness bucket list with you!  You can read that post HERE!  I was thinking about it the other day and I wanted to see how much I had accomplished in the past 6 months.  So, here's the update:

Fitness Bucket List.jpg
  • Do a pull-up (yup, just one for now) No progress!
  • Complete a half marathon (signed up for one in November)  YAY!! One thing off the list!! You can read about my Rock N Roll Half Marathon experience HERE :)

  • Run a 10K (Almost! I signed up for a 10K trail run for March 1) 
  • Complete a Super Spartan race No progress! There's one in April, so we'll see if I get to sign up....
  • Move up to 10 lb. dumbbells during P.I.T. class Sadly, I'm still struggling with 8lb. dumbbells, but one day!!!
  • Do 3 one-handed push-ups
  • 2 minute plank I'm getting close!! 
  • Learn to ride a bike (Don't judge me) No progress!
  • Complete a triathlon (hence, the above item) No progress!
  • Bench press my own weight No progress! Actually, I haven't even tried this one yet.  
  • Lululemon outfit (does this count? a girl can dream!) Oh yea, I got 2 outfits & a jacket! I know, I'm a lucky girl!! 
  • Learn to rock climb No progress! 


So, it's not a ton of progress, but it's something.  It's nice to see a few things marked off and see where I'm headed to next!  How are you doing with checking things off of your fitness bucket list?  I'd love to hear them!