I'm a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador

We were in the car heading to the grocery store after a nice afternoon of hiking/walking a trail with my family when I got the news.  I literally squealed when I read the email and maybe freaked out my husband a little bit! (Oops sorry, babe!)  I was so excited to read that I'd been chosen to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador.  The hubs on the other hand, had no idea what I was talking about. So somewhere in between the ice cream isle (for the kids, of course!) and the vegetable section I tried to explain it to him.  He was still, not as excited as me. Go figure!  Anyhow, I'm still super excited about this and I wanted to share that excitement with you too.  PS.  It's ok if you don't get as excited as me, but I'd love it if you were or just pretended, I'm ok with that too ;)

First of all, what exactly is Girls Gone Sporty?  It's an online resource with loads of information and encouragement to maintain a fit, fun, and happy lifestyle.  They say it best here" "Girls Gone Sporty is dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and ideas for advancing the fit and adventurous lifestyle. Our commitment is to provide positive, informative and encouraging content that’s based on science and experience."  Go on over and check out their site and forum, here for more info!

OK, so what's a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador?  ME!!!! Seriously though, it's a group of women chosen from all walks of life, at all fitness levels, who want to share their values and outlook on healthy active living.  Girl Gone Sporty works together with their ambassadors to achieve success by sharing ideas, blog posts, links, and reviews with others.  In exchange, we let those around us know more about the Girls Gone Sporty website through our own blogs, social media outlets, and word of mouth.  We do this because we want other women out there to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active, and sporty lifestyle.  Together we can do so much more than if we go at it alone. 

I just got the news yesterday, on the day they launched their new redesigned website, so it'll be a bit before my info gets posted on their site, but don't worry, I'll be sure to let everyone know once it does! Eeek :)

So, if you couldn't already tell, I'm really stoked about being a part of this program.  Two years ago, there was nothing sporty, active, or healthy about my lifestyle and I never thought that I'd be a part of a fitness community.  I never dreamed I would be running races, eating healthy, and especially motivating others to try new things.  I guess sometimes the dreams you didn't know you had can be the best dreams of all. 



Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge