Focusing on my Core | The Core Challenge

This has been such a blah week!  Kids have been sick, I'm sick, I can't catch up with laundry or any housework for that matter, and let's not even talk about the gym! Grrrrr, I've only made it once this week!  It's really been a rough week.  Anyhow, I've decided to really focus on my core and get rid of this muffin top once and for all! My mid-section is really my main problem area, has been all my life!  It doesn't help that I'm short and big busted!  More Grrrr!!! 

I keep reading about how abs are made in the kitchen, but this statement really confuses me.  I mean, I understand I need to eat clean and lower my carbs but is there some secret foods I should be eating?  I have no idea, but I intend to do some research and I'll pass along what I find.  Of course, if you have any tips, let me know ;)

I talked to my trainer about my goals and she has me doing extra core strengthening exercises.  I also swapped my beloved P.I.T class for a Pilates class on Fridays.  I'm really feeling my core work hard, so I hope to see and feel some results soon.  I'm not aiming for a six pack or anything, just to tone and tighten my core.  Another thing I've been trying to add to my daily routine is this 15 minute in-home core challenge.  


I try to do it every night, but I'll be honest, it doesn't always happen so I'm challenging myself to do this everyday for 2 weeks starting this Monday, Jan. 27th- Feb. 10th.  Let's see how it goes!  Feel free to join me on this challenge! Just let me know in the comments you're up for the core challenge and we can see how we do at the end of the two weeks.  Think we'll look like her after just 2 weeks? Hahaha!! Wishful thinking, but I'm sure if we stick to it we'll feel much stronger and closer to our goals than before.  So, who's with me?