Things Are About to Get Serious!

I just got back from a weekend away (READ: a weekend of bad eating!!) and I don't feel great about it.  I know I could have made better choices, but I didn't.  Well, I don't want to sit and sulk about it.  That won't help.  What will help is me getting my booty in gear and getting serious about my training.  I've signed up and challenged myself to 14 races in 2014 and so far I haven't ran one and I won't run my first race until March 1st, unless I sign up for something last minute in February!  But, after that it will be non-stop for me, which means, I really need to up my training in February.  I've been going regularly to the gym, so I think I need to increase my running days and really work on endurance.   I can't wait to do my first Spartan in April and then my second Tough Mudder 3 weeks later.  Am I crazy for doing both of those in the same month? Probably, but it's happening and I'm pumped!!  I'm really hoping to increase my upper body strength because I know there will be lots of challenges that require your arms to be strong!!  And, of course, I'll be working on my burpees for the Spartan Race ;) 

If you are on the fence about doing any one of these events, check out these videos and get yourself pumped up for a truly amazing experience that really pushes you way beyond your comfort zone! 


So, which one are you going to sign up for? Tough Mudder or Spartan?  I can't wait to compare them and give my take on each one! Let's do it!!!