Friday Five | Things I'm Loving Right Now

I'm really looking forward to this weekend!  Tonight I have book club with my girls and it's our 2 year anniversary!  I can't believe we've lasted this long but I'm so glad for it because it is something I look forward to each month.  It's just a fun time to indulge a little in yummy food, wine, and especially good company!  You can read more about why I love book club and how to start one of your own book clubs HERE!  So, number one on my list of 5 things I am really loving right now is gonna be my book club!  

Two more thing I'm really loving right now are my new facial cleanser and moisturizer.  I've always just bought facial cleansers and moisturizers at CVS or Target.  Nothing fancy.  However, as I'm getting older I thought it would be a good idea to invest a little more in my face, being it's the first thing people see, right?  I went to Sephora a few weeks ago and although I felt quite overwhelmed, I ended up purchasing the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser.  I normally would buy cleansers with some sort of exfoliation because I felt they got a better clean, but like I said, I'm getting older and I thought something a little more gentle on my skin would be best.  I really love that it's a one-step cleanser.  It is great at removing makeup and it's gentle enough to use everyday after my workouts.  The best thing is that my skin doesn't feel dry or tight after using it, like other cleansers I've tried.  I stuck to  Philosophy and also purchased their Hope in a Jar moisturizer.  So far, I'm really liking it too!  It's light and airy and hasn't made me break out! YAY :) I purchased the original, but I'll be sure to get the one with SPF next time.  

Another thing I can't get enough of lately is Vita Coco Cafe.  This stuff is so refreshing. It's made with coconut water so it's packed with electrolytes.  Add a shot of espresso and a splash of milk and it makes for a great pick-me-up!  I like to have one before/after a long run or well, just because they are delicious!  If you haven't tried it, you must!  

Lastly, I'm really diggin' my Garmin Forerunner 15 with hear rate monitor!  It was an anniversary gift from my mom & sister in August and it totally rocks.  It gives me all the stats I need for my runs and workouts (when used in Indoor mode) and also serves as a step counter during the day.  I promise to give a full review soon!  

So, there ya have it!  What kinds of things are you loving right now?  Sharing is caring :)