Family Travels | Visiting Texas

As I mentioned yesterday on my little recap post, we just got back from our trip to Texas this past Thursday and it was definitely a much needed break.  Life has been so crammed with activities, appointments, work, and such that we've just been feeling very rushed and unable to catch up.  Thanks to a great friend, we got an awesome deal on airline tickets so we decided a getaway to visit family in Texas was just what we needed.  We didn't plan anything, as we were just going to relax and unwind.  It worked out perfectly. Way better than I imagined it would! I'm a planner, winging it is out of my comfort zone. 


 We spent our first 3 days at my cousin's friend's lake house.  They'd been planning this getaway with a bunch of their friends too so we totally just crashed the party!! We didn't really know most the folks before this trip so I was kinda nervous about just spending 3 days with a bunch of peeps we didn't know.  But, I gotta say we totally just made some lifelong friends.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  It truly felt like we'd all known each other forever by Sunday night!  And it was a total blast to see my kiddos playing in the lake where I spent so much of my own childhood playing and swimming in.  


After the lake house weekend, we spent a day at my cousin's house playing farm! Jason and Diego got to do some target practice (Yes, I was freaking out!) They took a walk in the woods, fed the chickens and collected their eggs, and ended the day riding a horse.  By this point, we'd had enough of the country life and us adults went out for a nice date night in town about an hr away but it was worth the drive!  Don't worry, the kiddos were well taken care of and had plenty of fun catching up computer games and ipads! It'd been days since they played with their electronic devices!  We went to this awesome sushi spot that was so yummy and had a great time! 

The next morning, we left my cousin's place and headed to do some sight seeing.  We spent the day at Natural Bridge Caverns exploring the underground caverns, playing around the canopy challenge, and panning for gems.  It was a really great day (minus some whining & bickering from the kiddos)  I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the San Antonio area.  It ended up getting really cold that day and night, but we braved the chill and walked around San Antonio's River Walk on our way to dinner.  

The next day was even colder, so our trip to The Alamo was pretty short and we went ahead and made our drive to Austin early.  Once in Austin, we found the coolest movie theaters we've ever been to, Moviehouse & Eatery!  It's a big multiplex cinema with conventional theaters, IMAX, and dine-in theaters with awesome reclining seats!  We opted for the dine-in experience and munched on bottomless popcorn, fish and chips, gourmet pizza, and for Jason and I, a nice bottle of riesling.  Yea, watching Big Hero 6 and drinking wine was a fabulous way to end our trip!  

So, although this is most definitely not our typical vacation, jam packed with activities and sight seeing, it was most definitely an unforgettable time spent with family and friends.  It taught me that sometimes it's good to let go, relax, and go with the flow rather than having it all planned out.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my itinerary vacations, but I think we can add some of these trips into the mix too ;) 

How do you like to travel? Do you like to wing it, plan it all out, or somewhere in between?