Southern California Getaway

Earlier this month we got invited to our friends, Linda & Sean's wedding in Orange County, California.  My sister & her hubs (the Riveras) were also invited, plus it was a kid-free wedding, can you say "Road Trip!" 

We left early Friday afternoon and made it in time for dinner out there.  Every time we're in the area, Jason and I try to make it out to our favorite sushi spot, Orange Roll and Sushi, and knew the Riveras would love it too!  It did not disappoint!  It was the perfect way to start our weekend! 

The wedding was on Saturday (12-13-14) at 4pm, so we got an early start to our day with a workout in the hotel's gym before making our way to Newport Beach & Huntington Beach.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time relaxing and enjoying the California sunshine and taking in the ocean breeze!  Before we knew it, it was time to get dolled up for the wedding.  I gotta say, as wedding photographers, being guests at a wedding was such a treat.  I got to dress up in a fancy dress, wear heals, and makeup!  We only took our handy little Fuji x100S point & shoot camera and enjoyed the evening drinking, dancing, and mingling!   


Sunday was our last day before heading back home and I had scheduled a photo shoot in Laguna Beach while we were there.  I got to photograph a gorgeous couple in such a fun location, while the rest of the crew enjoyed the sights.  I caught up to them after my session and we all walked along the beach for a bit together before it was time to say "till next time" to lovely SoCal!  Ya'll know I love my kids, but getting away for a couple of days to recharge, is a must in my book!  I am so grateful we got to relax, enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation, and make some fun memories with friends and family.