Happiness, Love, and Imperfection

My life is not perfect.  It's far from it.  My kids fight too much.  Their rooms don't look like a picture out of a Pottery Barn ad.  Heck, not even a corner of my house could be in a Pottery Barn ad.  At any given moment, when you walk into my bedroom you will see a basket full of clothes to be folded at the foot of my unmade bed.  

But, with all these little imperfections, comes a life I am proud of.  A family I love. A husband I'm in love with more every day.  A love that is based on trust and honesty.  We argue, sure, we aren't perfect remember!?!  But, with this imperfect life, comes so much happiness and so many good times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I wouldn't trade it for a cleaner house, a brand new car, or all the Lululemon a girl could dream of!  

Happiness and love come from within.  Not from the exterior things we own or all the cool facebook and instagram pictures we share.  It comes from the struggles, the sacrifices, and hard work to make our marriage and family life work.  How do you measure your happiness? Your love?  Is it measured by your career success? The size of your house? The size of your diamond ring?  These things, albeit nice, do not equal happiness.  What's the point of a big house if there is no love inside?  

I'll admit it, there was a time in my life when these things mattered to me a lot.  I was competing with "friends", and I wanted more than I had.  Was I happy?  Maybe thought I was, at least for a moment.  But the truth is that these things weigh you down.  They steal your happiness and love.

 Happiness is about making memories with those you love!  It's about not caring what other people think of you because you know your own worth.  Being able to find love and happiness in our imperfect lives takes courage, it takes hard work, but it is so, so worth it.  Wouldn't you agree?  Now, let's all go out and choose happiness and love over all else.  

photography by  The Happy Family Movement