Virtual Coffee Date

My son is home sick from school again today and I gotta tell you, I'm getting a little bit of cabin fever.  So, I started to think about how nice it is to meet with a friend over coffee and just chit chat. and since I can't really do that today, how about you humor me and pretend we're on a coffee date together! Here goes...

If we were on a coffee date, we'd be meeting at one of the few independent coffee shops in town.  Nothing against Starbucks, but it's nice to support local businesses!  I'd probably order the biggest caramel  macchiato or chia latte they offered.  I'd be super thrilled if they offered almond or coconut milk!! How about you, what would you order on our coffee date?


We'd sit on some coffee oversized chairs, I'd put my feet up and get comfy.  We'd have a cute little table in front of us, but I probably won't put my coffee down the whole time! I'd ask how things were going with you? Then of course, I'd tell you about how germs aren't leaving my house and it seems we've all been sick way too often this winter and if you had any remedies?

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you about my 14 races in 2014 goal and ask if you thought I was crazy for doing the Super Spartan and Tough Mudder in the same month?  Then, I'd ask if you'd like to join me on one of my races?  Running or doing an obstacle course race with a friend is a lot more fun!  

If we were on a real coffee date, I'd probably vent a little bit about how my kiddos, ages 8 and 5, are fighting like crazy and I don't know what else to do about it.  I'm kinda scared to think what life will be like when they are teenagers!  Yikes....hey, I'd probably ask if you had any tips for this too?

If we were on a coffee date, I'd listen to you vent about whatever was on your mind and offer whatever advice I could.  I'd tell you to follow your dreams and passions.  I'd tell you that you are awesome and amazing! We'd laugh about our problems and make plans for the future.  I'd thank you for meeting me for coffee and how we must do it again soon! We'd leave our coffee date feeling refreshed and hopeful and fully caffeinated!  

ps.  If we were on a coffee date, I'd probably invite you to join me at the gym or for a run ;)