Let the Training Begin | Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

This is the week.  Week 1 of 12 weeks of half marathon training. There will be lots and lots of running in my future.  I'm excited to try Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half Marathon Training Schedule.  I used his Novice Schedule for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon (my first half) and I think it went well.  The training was totally do-able and hey, I finished the race, right?  I decided on the intermediate schedule because I really want to work on my speed.  I'd like to be a faster runner.  I don't have grandiose ideas of finishing in 1:30 or anything!  My first half marathon this past November was with a time of 2:34.  I wanted to finish in 2:30, but I was totally fine with my time.  This year, I'd like to reach that 2:30 time or even beat it!  I feel confident that I can do this mostly because the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon is mostly a downhill race ;) 

What's extra special about the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon & it's training is that I'll be running it alongside the hubs!  Although he's done some 10Ks, 5Ks, and of Tough Mudder with me, this will be his first half marathon!  I couldn't be more excited for him and for our upcoming 12 weeks of training.  Logistically speaking, we won't be training "together" but we'll be able to push each other and hold ourselves accountable.  Plus, there's always that little bit of love & competitiveness that really pushes us to be the best we can and give it our al! 

What's your favorite half marathon training program?  Have you ever ran a race with your spouse? Did you love it or hate it?