Las Vegas Rock N Roll Kick Off 5K Run | Race 3 of 14 for 2014

Last night I went out and ran a great little 5K to kick off opening registration for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon hosted at one of my favorite running stores, Red Rock Running Company at The District.  It was a nice time and although I was a little nervous being there alone, I did meet a friend from the running group I'm in on facebook, Moms Run this Town.  She also introduced me to some other fabulous running ladies!  It's always great meeting new fun folks!  I must take a moment and just give props to the running community.  I am fairly new to running (heck, I'm fairly new to exercise in general!) but I gotta give it to runners, they are one friendly group of people!  Always welcoming and encouraging - even if we just met 15 minutes ago.  I love that and I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy signing up for races and going on group runs.  The camaraderie is great.  Growing up, I never played sports or participated in many group activities so I never really got to know what that felt like.  Clearly, this explains a lot about my social awkwardness/anxiety issues! YIKES, this post is turning into a psychology lesson!

Ok back to running...this was a fairly small event but it was well put together.  I was impressed that they even had an aid station midway with water and GU Energy Gel! I grabbed one to try later ;)  We also got a nice tshirt and they raffled off lots of prizes at the end.  I won a Rock N Roll Marathon water bottle - WOOT WOOT! The grand prize was a free entry to the marathon.  That would have been super! 

Although I won't be participating in the Rock N Roll marathon this year, it holds a special place in my heart as being my first ever half marathon.  So many fun memories made that night and the months leading up to it!  You can read all about the experience and check out some fun photos HERE!  

What fun races have you been running this year? What do you love about the running community? Don't be shy :)