May Fitness Goals & April Update

Seriously, where is the time going?  May, already?!?! Let me tell ya, it is starting to heat up fast here in Vegas!  Summer is coming and I'm not too crazy about temps in the 100s!  Summer means early morning runs and lots of runs on the treadmill (I'm not a morning person!) Here are my fitness goals for May:

I've been talking about doing Whole 30 now for awhile and I'll be honest, I'm scared to start this!  Committing to a whole 30 days of strict Paleo, including no alcohol or Paleo treats (ie. brownies, banana bread, carrot cake) Ugh yea it's gonna be tough!  But, I feel it's something my body and mind are desperately needing.  I've been at a plateau for way too long and I'm hoping this will help move things along in the right direction.  

The other 3 goals should be easy to reach.  My training schedule is on my calendar & it's really just a matter of changing up my workout routine to include more running!  Lots more running! I'm all signed up for the Race of the Cure this Saturday, along with the Wildfire Awareness 5K Trail run & Badass Dash 7KObstacle Race later this month.!  As for the push ups, piece of cake ;) 

Here's how I did with reaching my goals for April:

Each goal was completed except for #5.  I needed a few days after Spartan & Tough Mudder to get back to my workout routines and honestly, the other weeks, 4-5 days of workouts was all I could manage.  I was pushing myself hard to train for Spartan & Tough Mudder!  I'm ok with it, though.  I'll get back on track with working out 5-6 days a week again :)

So, how did you do with your goals last month?  Did you reach them? Come close?  What are some of your fitness goals for this month?