Summer Bucket List | The Happy Family Movement

Our kids look forward to summer all year long!  They know that summer will be full of fun times and adventures.  This is mostly because of our Summer Bucket List!  Our friends from The Happy Family Movement have put on this summer bucket list challenge and each year it just gets bigger and bigger!! There will be some fun giveaways from their awesome sponsors, a facebook community, and lots more!  

I like tell the kids a few days in advance to start thinking of ideas for the summer bucket list and then usually one evening after dinner we'll sit and share our ideas and some of the ideas make it on the list and some don't, but we always work together to create it.  This really makes it fun for the kids and they are more excited about it.  This year we decided to have an actual bucket and we'll fill it with the pictures we drew of the activity as we do them and hopefully, by the end of the summer the bucket will be filled with our pictures and we'll be filled up with memories of another fun summer!  

There's still plenty of time to get your list together and join in on the fun!  Your family will look forward to the big & little adventures you'll have throughout the summer.  The list doesn't have to be big or filled with expensive outings to be fun.  Just think of some things you all can do together as a family in the summer, write it down, then go have fun! 

Here's our list (I figured we stick to the 14 in 2014 theme!) 

  1. Make sandcastles at the beach
  2. Enjoy a picnic at Mt. Charleston
  3. Family dance party
  4. Discover a new playground
  5. Make loom necklaces
  6. Bike Wash
  7. Boogie board at the beach
  8. Go out for frozen yogurt
  9. Visit Wet N Wild
  10. BBQ with friends
  11. Visit Ethel M. Chocolate Factory
  12. Geocache day at Red Rock Canyon
  13. Hiking at Bryce Canyon
  14. Watch a 51's baseball game

I'll be blogging with pictures as we start checking things off our list!  So, what fun adventures do you have on your summer bucket list?