Chasing Dreams I Didn't Know I Had.....

I heard/read this saying somewhere a few weeks ago and it's really stayed with me.  I don't even remember where I heard it or in what context, but it resonates with me in so many ways.  "Chasing dreams I didn't even know I had" is right about where I am right now.  Yesterday I posted a "Transformation Tuesday" photo on Instagram as part of the monthly #grinderglamchallenge (a fun fitness based photo challenge) I participate in.  You can read more about it on Leti's blog HERE, she founded the challenge a year ago and it's grown into an awesome community!  I'm so happy for her and I don't even know her personally.  But whenever we do meet in person, I'm gonna give her a big hug :) 

So, back to the photo.  The response I got was so amazing.  So many people liked it and commented about how proud they were & how happy they were for me.  It was awesome and made me feel good. Thanks everyone for the support & encouragement!  Here's the photo:

Aug. 2011 & May 2014 

Aug. 2011 & May 2014 

Looking back at who I was then and who I am now, it's hard to recognize the old me.  I don't even mean physically.  Yes, losing 30 +/- lbs. hasn't been easy.  It was hard work with lots of ups and downs.   I didn't know what I was getting myself into!  I just needed to lose weight.  That was all I knew.  But, in the process of trying to lose the weight and get healthy I found a passion I didn't know I had.  I signed up for races and had a blast doing them, especially obstacle course racing.  Ummm...excuse me but I had no idea what obstacle course races were 2 years ago, nonetheless think that I would ever sign up for one willingly and enjoy it!!  I'm giving myself challenges and goals to reach that I didn't even know I wanted.  I'm running, climbing over 8 ft. walls, crawling under barbed wire, jumping into ice cold water, and loving every minute of it.  

I'm currently reading Spartan Up by Joe De Sena, the founder of Spartan Race and so much of what the book says about pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do is so true.  You will find courage you didn't know you had, strength you thought wasn't there because we are capable of so much more than we think.  Overcoming obstacles in a race is so much like overcoming them in real life.  You reach a wall, you find a way to go over it.  You forget your fear of heights and you go for it.  You may need some help, but you make it over the wall.  You don't let the wall beat you.  These are all great metaphors for life too.

Right now, I'm dreaming of a stronger me.  A me that will run a half marathon faster than the last one.  A me that will conquer the Spartan Beast & Spartan Sprint in one weekend and live to tell about it.  Am I scared? You better believe it.  But I want that trifecta medal more than I am afraid of those obstacles.  It's that fear that drives me to be better.  I can't quit, so I need to train harder than ever before!  Yeah, I'll be tired, bruised, sore, and who knows what else, but I'll come out more alive than ever before!  Honestly, I am happy with how far I've come and I'm ready to push myself even harder to reach those dreams I didn't know I had!  Chasing these goal, these dreams, keeps me focused.  It makes me a better person both inside and out and I like that.

So, what dreams are you chasing? I'd love to hear about them!