June Fitness Goals & May Update

Sometimes life just gets int he way of training and fitness goals and well, it happens.  I made the best of it and I don't think I was a total failure!  I ran my 3 races I had scheduled - Race for the Cure 5K, Wildland Fire Awareness 5K Trail Race, and 7K Badass Dash.  I started Whole30 and it lasted about a week.  More on that later this week!  And, although I have been training fro my half marathon, I am not up to the distance I should be at.  I've had to make adjustments and I've missed some scheduled runs.  30 push ups a day was 50/50.  Like I said, I'm not thrilled with my progress.  But, I do intend on doing something about it.  My goals for June are simple: keep training for my half marathon in July and implement some Spartan training, as well.  I'm not sure I'll try Whole30 again but I will continue with Paleo and cheat less, a lot less! 

So, how was May for you?  Did you meet your goals?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! xo