One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

I cannot believe that a year has gone by so quickly!  I just want to say thank you so much for reading my blog and supporting me this year!  It means so much to me to hear that people enjoy it!  I am so happy to have a place where I can write down my thoughts and share tips and ideas on everything from fitness to family life. 

Looking back at all the posts I've written this past year really is like taking a trip down memory lane! I love looking back and seeing all the family trips, races, and training that has happened this year.  I'm excited to be doing the 14 in 2014 Challenge.  I'm looking forward to my 2nd half marathon coming up next month and running alongside my hubby!! It'll be his first half and he's training so hard for it!  I'm totally psyched and a little scared to be facing the Spartan Beast and the Spartan Sprint back-to-back in September so I can get my Trifecta medal! AROO!! 

All these races, challenges, and training are being documented here and along with that are also my ups and downs.  My honest thoughts on how hard it is to train and even harder to maintain a healthy clean eating lifestyle.  But, putting it all here  not only keeps me accountable for my actions, but has kept me feeling positive.  Whenever I'm feeling down because I'm not happy with my progress or lack there of, I blog about it.  I blog about my failures and my accomplishments.  Not only share my woes and vent but also to look for things I can do to make it better.  I figure, I can't be the only one dealing with these feelings and if I can find ways to make changes, then maybe these ideas can help someone else reading my blog!  

I'm currently reading Spartan Up by Joe De Sena, the creator of the Spartan Race.  I am truly loving this book!  It's not really a book about obstacle course races, although it does have lots of obstacle racing stories to motivate you and metaphors about the obstacles found in life, t’s a manual for the Spartan way of life.  It's about changing your frame of reference and living to your fullest potential.  I love this book so much that I am giving away a copy for my one year blogiversary!  Yay!!! So, if you are ready to make some life changes or just want to up your game, this is a must read!  The giveaway will end next Monday, June 30th at 3pm Pacific time.  Enter below:

Open to US residents only.  This is not a sponsored post.  I just really want to share this book with you ;)