Summer Bucket List | 51's Baseball Game

I can't believe it's almost July!  This summer is flying by! Mostly because Diego is still in school and so it doesn't really feel like summer.  Year-round school has it's advantages, but boy is it tough in the summertime!  Diego is off for a 2 week track break after this week and we're planning some fun stuff, including the trip to Bryce Canyon for our half marathon and of course, some family time hiking and exploring the National Park.  Can't wait :)

Anyhow, we did actually mark one thing off our bucket list this weekend and we went to see a 51's Baseball Game.  Las Vegas doesn't have a major league team, but we were ok with the minors.  Diego and Jason had gone last year and they had a nice time, so we added it our Summer Bucket List this summer.  It'd been years since I'd gone to a baseball game and this was the first game for Elysse.  I'll just be honest here and say, it was kinda boring!  Sorry to all the baseball fans out there, but I just couldn't get into the game.  Maybe because I wasn't too interested in the teams or maybe because I'm just not a big baseball fan, but it felt to go on forever!  Don't get me wrong, we had a great time.  We went with another family, so there was plenty of playing and laughing!  The kids ate popcorn and shaved ice.  They got some noise makers and had at it!  Don't expect we'll be getting season tickets, but the kids got to experience something different and that was awesome!