Half Marathon Training | Week 9

Opps I almost forgot to post my weekly half marathon training update and I'm sure ya'll were just dying to know how my week went, right?  Well, without further ado, here ya go! 

Monday:  1 hr. PIT (Pure Intensity Training) Class

Tuesday: 4 mile run 

Wednesday:  1 hr. PIT (Pure Intensity Training) Class 

Thursday: 1 hr. Strength Training Session with Personal Trainer

Friday:  - 1 miles Run + 1 hr Pilates

Saturday: REST

Sunday: REST 

Total Miles:  5 miles 

I am most certainly not training as hard for running as I was with my first half marathon and I know a lot of it is because I have the Spartan Beast + Spartan Sprint weekend in September that I'm also training for and from the looks of it, all that training is just not making me want to run.  I did do my 10 mile long run Monday morning (it was not great, but it got done) and I am running more this week too!  Let's see how it affects me for the actual half marathon....

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