Last Week of Half Marathon Training

Just 4 more days until my second half marathon and the hub's first!  I'm super excited about it and so proud of all his hard work with training.  Having both of us training for a half marathon at the same time had it's challenges with scheduling and kiddos, but we've made it work and I can't wait to get out there together.  I don't think we've ran together this whole time we've been training, crazy huh?!? 

I'll definitely be taking it easy these next 4 days.  I did my last long run yesterday and my knees are bothering me.  I've been out of my glucosamine for about 2 weeks or so and I know my knees are missing it!  It's also unusually humid for Vegas and I don't think that's helping either.  So, I'll be resting, icing, and using some KT Tape on my knees until Saturday ;)

Not only am I looking forward to running the half marathon, I'm looking forward to getting away with my family for a few days and exploring Bryce Canyon together.  It'll be a much needed getaway for us.  This summer has been crazy busy so far with year-round school, swimming lessons, basketball, and gymnastics, on top of working and training for the half marathon! Yup, much needed time away from Vegas and the daily grind!  

Oh I almost forgot, I got a new Nathan hydration vest!  I'm loving it so far.  I never really loved my belt and had been considering a vest for awhile now. I ended up choosing the Nathan's Intensity Hydration Vest for women and I just love how I have access to everything I'll need at arms reach.  I plan to write a full review after the half marathon so stay tuned ;)