Summer Bucket List | Ethel M. Chocolates & FroYo

It's summer and yea, with trips out of town, bbq's with friends and family, and so on & so on, we let the kids have a few more treats than usual!  When we put together our Summer Bucket List, we added a few intentional "treat" days to the list.  We figured a trip to the chocolate factory would be fun on a day when we had nothing to do.  So, on a Monday after lunch we took a trip to the chocolate factory.  I think my kids were expecting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, so when they saw that it was just a hallway with information and a window into the actual working factory, it was not very exciting!  But, we did learn a few things about how chocolate is made and we got some free samples at the end.  Of course, we did buy some chocolates to take home and we walked around their cactus garden.  It was super hot that day, so it was a short walk!

After doing some back to school shopping a few weeks ago, we went over to Yogurtland for some yummy froyo!  The kids love being able to serve it themselves and pick out their own toppings!  It was a nice treat on a hot summer day for sure!  

I'll be back tomorrow talking about why traditions are important in families and sharing some photos from our yearly back-to-school California trip!