Fitness Friday | Spartan Trifecta

The day is finally here!  We are heading out for Temecula, CA this morning and tomorrow I will be running the Spartan Beast and Sunday, the Spartan Sprint.  Add in the Spartan Super I completed in April and I'll have myself a Spartan Trifecta!  Woohoo!!

That is of course, if I survive this weekend.  I love that feeling after a race, you know the one where you feel amazing and awesome!  Your body is sore and bruised but you still manage to walk a little taller.  You're on a major high from completing something completely terrifying.  It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you cross that finish line.  Not too many things in life compare.  

But, that feeling before a race....the self doubt, the anxiety, the nervousness!  The feelings of maybe I could have done more, maybe I shouldn't have had that ice cream a few weeks ago.  Maybe I should have ran more during my training.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  Then come the what ifs.  What if I cramp up during the race? What if I hurt myself?  What if I don't finish? Well, it's just enough to drive a girl crazy (and quite possibly her husband too!) Ahhh!! Yup, these thoughts are all running through my head right now.  

Friends ask me if I'm ready and I just shrug, give a weak smile and say, "We'll see!"  Because, well, the truth is, we'll see!  I've trained hard.  I've given it my all.  I've been to tons of boot camps, practice obstacle races, elevation trainings  at Camp Rhino.  I've sacrificed sleeping in on the weekends.  I've sacrificed evenings with my family.  I've sacrificed time with friends.  I've passed on dessert I couldn't tell you how many times.  I've been so sore that it's been difficult going up the stairs.  I've gotten bruised and scraped.  All for what?  For a medal.  For bragging rights.  For that feeling after a race.  For me.  For my kiddos who believe in me.  For everyone who supports me.  I do it because it scares me.  I do it because it pushes me to try harder.  I do it because I can.  Because I never dreamed I could.  

Spartan Up!  - Aroo