How I Feel about the SoCal Spartan Sprint being Postponed

After completing the Spartan Beast in Temecula on Saturday 9/13, I was ready to complete the Spartan Sprint the next day.  I had been training hard and was feeling good about leaving the shortest distance race for last.  On our way to the hotel room to freshen up after the Beast, we met up with our teammates who had driven from Las Vegas to Temecula to complete the Sprint with us on Sunday.  We were all excited and ready to run together the next day and then that night we received this email:

The disappointment I felt from reading that email is beyond words.  Reading it now makes me ill.  I was so ready to have my trifecta medal.  I planned an entire trip around it.  Like I wrote in my blog post before I left, I sacrificed so much to be there and to come back incomplete was just a huge let down.  I've seen images of Spartan racers running in the rain and in the snow, I never imaged they would cancel a race because it was too hot, especially because they have this posted on their website:

I honestly believe Spartan Race did their due diligence before & during the race.  We received emails from Spartan before the race with warnings about the heat and giving straight-forward advice on how to prepare for it.  I heeded the warnings.  I prepared.  I hydrated the week before the race.  I took electrolytes, a hydration pack, and waterproof sunblock.  My husband wore a wide rimmed hat and carried a hydration pack too as a spectator.  He carried coconut water for us, too.   Was it hot? Yes.  But, in my opinion, it was bearable with preparation.  Those who didn't prepare paid the consequences.  They weren't able to complete the race, they became sick or injured.  Do I feel for them?  Of course I do.  I do not wish anyone pain or defeat.  I know it was tough, but the Spartan races, especially the Beast, are designed to be tough, right?  

Obviously, I wish they hadn't postponed the race until January.  The goal of a trifecta is to race all 3 distances within a calendar year.  Running the Sprint in January isn't an option.  I've worked too hard for this to not complete it now.  I'm working on getting to run the Spartan Sprint in Malibu in December.  But I'm still sad.  Not only am I sad for myself, I am sad for my teammates who traveled 5 hours to be there and left empty handed.  I'm sad for the friends I made along the course of the Beast, who like me were prepared to come back the next day and earn that Trifecta medal.  I'm sad for the folks I met while training at Camp Rhino who were all excited and worked so hard to complete their first obstacle race.  

We haven't heard anything else from Spartan except that we've been automatically registered to a new Sprint event they've added for January 18, 2015 at the same location, Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA.  This will be the weekend before their already scheduled events the following weekend there.  The email was sent Sept. 14 and said more details to follow, but we haven't received any new info yet.  I'll assume they will accommodate transfers without charging transfer fees as they must know not everyone will be available that date.  I'm waiting anxiously to see what other, if any, compensation they provide their athletes.  In the meantime, I'll keep training! 

- Has a race you've registered for and trained for been canceled before?  I'd love to hear how you dealt with it and how the event company handled it!  

One piece missing...will I get to complete my trifecta in 2014?!? 

One piece missing...will I get to complete my trifecta in 2014?!?