September Health & Fitness Goals

Whenever it's time for me to share my monthly goals, I'm always so surprised at how quickly time is just going by lately.  Well, here we are in September and soon we'll be in my favorite season of sweaters, boots, and cooler weather!  I am so ready for runs outside in pleasant temps, playing in the park with the kiddos, and hiking at Red Rock!  But, I'm getting ahead of myself, as the high for today is 104!  Summer is just not giving up yet!  

Either way, here are my goals for September:  

My biggest goal for September and well, the year really, is to get my Spartan Trifecta.  That means completing all 3 Spartan events in one year.  I'll be doing the Beast (13+mile obstacle course) on Saturday the 13th and the Sprint (3+mile obstacle course) on Sunday the 14th.  I've been training hard and just really hope I have the endurance to keep up both days!  Clearly, the other goals revolve around getting Spartan ready too :) 

My goals for August also revolved around training for Spartan and I must say I reached most of them.  I signed up for Camp Rhino, an obstacle course training facility that also offers boot camps & crossfit, and have been going to their classes regularly!  I've totally been focusing on upper body strengthening and I have started to notice the results.  I've gone up in my weights and pushups are getting easier.  Pull ups however, are still a ways away!  The only goal I didn't reach in August was running 10 miles a week.  I was hoping for 40 miles in the month but came up short!  I ran about 23 miles total in August.  

How did you do with your health and fitness goals for last month?  I hope you rocked it and will continue rocking your goals this month too!  What kinds of goals do you have for September?  I'd love to hear about them :)