January Health & Fitness Goals

Here we go with another post on goals!  It's January, what can I say?  I really do like to give myself these monthly goals, though.  They really help me to stay focused and/or re-focus on what I need to be doing one month at a time.  It keeps things from getting too overwhelming.  Some months I kill it, I hit each goal and other months I struggle and miss the mark.  But, I don't let it stop me.  I just try to look at the big picture and be honest with myself as to why I didn't meet my goals.  Was I lazy? Busy? Did I set unrealistic goals? Etc...This helps me so I can set more attainable goals.  So, for December, sadly, the goals were not met 100%.


I kept training for Spartan.  I didn't run a 5K with my family, I did sign up for an actual 5K Race on Dec. 31st and completed my 14 in 2014 challenge.  And although my family didn't run with me, they were there cheering me on!  I gained some weight, I lost some too, so pretty much stayed even : / I managed to run 43 miles in December, not quite the 50 I wanted but close...I did 321 burpees in December, though! It wasn't a total flop of a month, but wish I would have reached my mileage and of course, losing the weight would have been awesome, but hey there's always next month...

I kept January pretty vague.  So far 13 days into January and I gotta say, I'm doing okay!  Ready to take on the Spartan Beast & Sprint races this weekend and finally get my trifecta! Woohoo

What are your goals for January?  We're aalmost half way through the month already, how are you doing with reaching your goals?