Disney World 2015 | Epcot

Our last day at Disney World was at my favorite park, Epcot!  The World Showcase is really my favorite because I love to travel and I remember being 10 years old on our first visit to Epcot and imagining I was really traveling to those countries.  Heck, I still like to pretend we're in the real countries ;) 

We arrived at 9am to Epcot and the kids were anxious to get on a ride.  I tried explaining that Epcot didn't have the kind of rides found at Magic Kingdom so they wouldn't be disappointed.  However, they were just as excited to ride Spaceship Earth as they were to ride Space Mountain! After Spaceship Earth we let the kids play around with some of the hands-on exhibits before heading to the Mission Space ride where afterwards the kids also enjoyed the hands-on exhibits and games as we exited the ride.  

We purchased the kids each a kit (map & stickers) for a new game that was debuting for the Food and Wine festival called, Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak.  It was basically a scavenger hunt to find a Remy statue at each country then placing the corresponding sticker on the map to represent that location. At the end, you redeem your map for your choice of Remy pin.  They were excited to get started and we were excited to get started at the Food & Wine Festival!  The plan was to do the 1st half of the World Showcase countries and visit the Food & Wine Festival kiosks as we went, then ride the ferry from Germany back to Future World to use our fast passes for Soaring and Turtle Talk with Crush, and FastTrack.  Afterwards, we'd go back and work our way around the other half of the countries, have dinner at Chefs De France, and finish the night watching Illuminations.  

Although, technically, we did stick to that plan we had a major scare when visiting our first kiosk of the Food & Wine Festival.  I was excited to visit the champagne kiosk and was ready to enjoy a glass of fancy bubbly. We ordered Diego a yummy chocolate dessert and Elysse some chocolate truffles.  I asked if they had nuts, since she is allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts and was told by the Disney cast member that the truffles were prepackaged and did not have nuts, although they could not account  for cross-contamination in the factory.  Now, here's where the problem began.  I should have checked the packaging before giving her the chocolates.  I feel terrible for trusting the young cast member.  Regardless of how sure she sounded, it was my responsibility as her parent to ensure there were no nuts before handing it to her.  The instant she took a bite, she said she was full, mind you, she is never full where there is chocolate involved!  She never said how it made her feel and we assumed she was just being fussy.  With the heat and humidity, we knew the chocolate would melt immediately and Jason just told her to eat the chocolate, it was small, and we'd save the other half.  I noticed she was not acting right and finally it started to dawn on me that there may have been nuts in the chocolate.  Sure enough, the second ingredient were hazelnuts.  We were right next to a store and I ran in asking if they had benadryl, which they did not but I was told to go to First Aid.  By this point, she threw it all up and was complaining her throat was hurting.  We ran to First Aid, which was not far from where we were.  They gave her the benadryl and at that point, I knew she'd be ok.  I asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel, but she didn't want to leave, so we waited it out until she was finally feeling a well enough to continue our day.  Of course, she refused to eat much the rest of the day and was kinda blah.  We tried to make the best of it and she was such a trooper!  

We really did learn our lesson and will definitely be more prepared next time.  We'd never had any issues while traveling before and she hadn't had an allergic reaction for years, so we we've been pretty relaxed about her allergies.  But, this was definitely a wake up call for us.  We already have a much better plan in place for traveling.  

Although we had this very scary incident happen, we were fortunate it wasn't any worse and she was ok.  We did the best we could to enjoy the rest of our time at Epcot.  We had an amazing 3 days of non-stop Disney World theme park fun.  I think our kids were just the right ages (7 & 10) for enjoying everything the parks have to offer! I'm so glad we were able to go on this trip for them and experience a different kind of vacation! I'm ready for another adventure with my crazies!  Where shall we go to next?