How to Stay Motivated Through Life's Challenges

You guys, having a hubby with a broken ankle, on crutches, and not able to do a whole lot is tough business (you can read about his accident: HERE) Being honest here, I'm exhausted.  I'm taking care of all sorts of things these days.  I'm kind of an introvert, so going out to run errands and get groceries has become his thing.  I know, I'm a lucky girl to have him take care of all that for us.  Anyhow, it's been challenging these couple of weeks tackling it all alone. I'm not complaining, just keeping it real.  It does make me realize how good I've had it with a hubby who helps so much, but boy do I miss it now!  So, what's the point here? The point is, I have a million things to do and my workouts and training runs were starting to suffer.  I was not working out regularly and I kept my runs short.  But the other day I had a good 3 mile run and felt amazing.  I was able to tackle the rest of my day with more energy and I just felt in better spirits.  I'm sure my family noticed too.  Cranky mom was gone!  Hello, fun mom!  After that run, I have made it a priority to go back to my regular workout schedule and improvise when I have to, but really make an effort to not miss it.   While things have been sort of crazy in my life, here are a few things that have kept me motivated through it all:

1.  Plan ahead.  It really helps to plan your day.  I've been using Jenny Collier's free printable planner.  You can check it out HERE!  I specifically use the Daily To-Do list and weekly meal planner.  I try to get up a little earlier and with my coffee in hand, I work on my to-do list.  I put it all down, from dropping off the kids at school to doing laundry.  And of course, I put my workout time in there too. 

2.  Be flexible.  Once you have your day planned out just right, things sometimes don't go as planned.  I've learned that remaining flexible to what life throws your way is key.  So, you slept through your 5am alarm and weren't able to get your early run in, can you make/find time to do it later?  Your appointment is running late and your going to miss your Body Pump class.  Can you adjust your day and make it to a later class?  Hey if all else fails, you can do a quick workout at home and get your sweat on anyhow!  Maybe include the kids too!  You'll feel so much better knowing that you still got that workout in even if you could have easily called it an "unscheduled rest day".

3.  Be realistic.  As much as I'd want to, I know I can't do it all.  By the end of the day, some things just aren't going to get done and I'd much rather it be folding laundry than my workout!  Seriously though, sometimes a good run is way more beneficial to everyone in the family than whether the book shelf got dusted.  Just sayin' ;)

4.  Don't forget your goals.  Think about why you started working out.  Was it to lose weight? Get healthy? Are you training for a marathon or your first Spartan Race?  Whatever the goal is, keep it in mind.  Don't give up on your goals just because life gets hard. 

Do you have any tips to share on keeping motivated when life gets complicated?  I'd love to hear them!