2015 SoCal Spartan Sprint Race Recap | Team Grinderglam

Oh the infamous Spartan Sprint!  I was having a hard time about blogging about this race with Jason's major injury and all.  If you missed it, you can read all about how he fractured his ankle HERE.  So, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided I really wanted to introduce to you the team we raced with, Team GrinderGlam!  

After completing the Spartan Beast the day before, I was ready to finally get my 2014 Trifecta with this race.  I was pretty beat on Saturday, but after a good night's sleep, I woke up feeling way better than I expected, except for the pain I was having in my left knee.  It hurt when I put pressure down just walking around in the hotel room, so on our way to the race site, we stopped at Walgreens and I picked up a knee brace.  There was no way I wasn't going to finish this race!

Right before our wave's start time, we met up with my pal Chelsie and I finally met a few other Instagram "friends" in person.  So, here's a bit of the back story on how my digital and real worlds finally collided!  January of 2014 while on Instagram, I stumbled upon a daily prompt photo-a-day challenge with a fitness theme!  I thought it sounded fun, so I played along a bit and started interacting and following a few other like-minded women on IG who were also doing the daily challenges.  A little less than a year later, one of these ladies, Chelsie, was coming to Vegas to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and we met up!  It was pretty cool to meet in person and I was super excited when she said she'd also be traveling to Temecula for the SoCal Beast and Sprint in January.  As it turns out, Leti, who started the Grinderglam Challenges on Instagram (if you don't do so already, you gotta go follow her!) got really into running Spartan races recetnly and TeamGrinderGlam was born!  Jason and I didn't have a team for the Sprint anymore, so we joined their team last minute and I was so excited to finally meet Leticia and others from the group!  

Once the race got started, Jason and I stuck together and ran alongside others from the team.  We'd run ahead of them or they'd run ahead of us, we'd meet at obstacles, help each other out if need be and keep going.  I was running a bit slower than normal, due to my knee, especially going up and down those hills!  Towards the end of the race I noticed Leti and her boyfriend, Jorge, had held back and were waiting for the team, helping and encouraging everyone (myself inlcuded)along the way to the finish line.  Here's where it gets bittersweet because we all know how this race ends.  It wasn't pretty.  It wasn't expected, but it's what happened.  Sadly, our Spartan Sprint celebration ended abruptly at the finish line and then the medic tent, but we did finish.  Jason crossed that finish line.  He dragged his foot over the fire, got his medal, and then called for the medic.  That right there, people, that's what it's about.  

But, yea, we didn't celebrate with the team or drink our beers.  I'll admit, I wanted that.  I wanted to be a part of that party.  I wanted to celebrate my trifecta, but instead I was at Wal-Mart buying crutches and checking out the updates on Instagram.  It is what it is and I'm ok with it.  I'm happy we finished.  I'm happy Jason is ok.  And of course, I'm happy I got to race with such a supportive and inspiring group of women and a few guys too ;) 

I'm excited I'll be racing alongside Team Grinderglam again for the Spartan Super in Vegas.  This time, I'll have my team shirt and I'll get to have my beer at the end!  

Be sure to join the fun with #grinderglam challenges on Instagram! And of course,  join Team GrinderGlam at a Spartan Race near you!! 

Check out this awesome video recaping the SoCal Spartan races and catch a glimpse of my girl, Leticia, about halfway through!  She talks about why she loves Spartan races and what it means to her to be a Spartan.