March Goals & February Goals Met

February was a big month of adjusting in our household.  Dealing with Jason's ankle surgery and taking care of so much in the beginning of the month, was a lot of work.  I've been so tired lately, but I managed to reach half of my goals for February.  The first part of the month was tough, but things started to fall into a routine by the end of the month.  

I had been pretty frustrated recently (like this weekend) about my weight loss and how I feel I've reached a plateau.  I hadn't been super strict with my eating and it caught up to me, my waistline to be exact.  So, for the past 2 weeks I'd been working out regularly and keeping my cheat meals to a minimum.  I was very disappointed when there was no change on the scale.  What's a girl to do? Here's what I did, after stressing out & being upset for a bit, of course.  I decided to focus on the good.  To focus on the progress I've made and the positive changes I've had, not just physically, but emotionally too.  That's helping me tons right now.  I'm still determined to reach my goal.  Not really a goal weight, per se, but I do have some high goals I want to reach this year and taking care of myself is what will get me there.  Here are my goals for this month:

I'd love to hear all about your goals for this month too!