Happy National Sibling Day!

Today, April 10th, is National Sibling Day! Who knew?!?  Well, now that you know go tell your sibling how much you love them.  My sibling is so lucky I blog and she gets to read all about herself via this blog post! LOL 

I've totally boasted about how awesome my sister is before on this blog.  She has truly been by my side my whole life (she's my older sister ;) ) But seriously, when I got into this whole crazy running and obstacle race thing she's been my biggest supporter.  She cheered for me during my first half marathon, bought me new sneakers when Jason forgot them at home before the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon, she's traveled with us, woken up early to not miss a race, watched my kids while I ran, and even ran a few races with me too!  

Aside from the support on the fitness front, she is always there for me when I need her.  Which, I'll admit, is quite often.  She's the person I vent to about life, the one I call when a problem arises, she can calm me down when I'm ready to explode, but she's the first person with good news too! We live about 3 miles from each other, but with life and work, sometimes a week can go by without seeing each other.  That makes me sad sometimes, but a day doesn't go by without us talking or texting!  

My sister is one of the strongest persons I know.  She's classy and has great fashion sense.  If it wasn't for her, I think I'd still think it was ok to wear black socks with white shoes.  Yea...I had an awkward stage in life.  Thank goodness for big sisters who can tell it to you like it is, huh?  

So, sis, this one's for you!  For sticking by me through my awkward years, through the rebellious stage, and every other crazy moment I've had, I thank you.  Thanks for being my best friend.  I love you to the moon and back.