May Fitness Goals

Like most months lately, April was busy and hectic!  I managed to keep most of my goals for the month, but had eating good been one of those goals, I would have totally failed!  For the most part, I ate ok M-F but then pretty much derail on the weekends.  If I'm being honest, that's been happening a lot lately.  So, yea I'm not making any progress in weight-loss. So, for May, I've decided to get some help, to get an extra push, and have someone hold me accountable.  I've signed up for an online training program with Reconstruction by Leti.  She won't be physically holding my hand or pushing me personally at the gym, but her program seems great for me.  Now, I didn't just google online training and picked her.  I started following her Instagram daily fitness challenge, #grinderglamchallenge and  then I began to follow her instagram (total stalker, right?) throughout the year or so I've been following her and playing along, I really liked how she keeps it real.  Ya'll know how I don't do fake!  I'm pretty open about my ups and downs with eating clean and working out and so is she.  Had she just posted tons of "perfect" images and posts, I would have stopped following a long time ago.  Anyhow, I met Leti in January when I joined her Team Grinderglam for the Spartan Sprint and then again here in Vegas for the Spartan Super.  Again, I felt comfortable around her and her honesty.  I also really like the community she's created on social media.  I've even met and become friends with some incredible ladies from all over the country just through this challenge and Spartan team.  Gotta love the internet!! 

So, I finally decided to give her program a try and I'm really excited about it.  It's time to change things up a bit, focus, put in some hard work, and start seeing some results again!  So, she'll be "virtually" working alongside me as I work to reach May's Fitness Goals:

Let's crush it in May!  What are your goals this month?